Reviews about Traugel

  • Mateusz
    I developed arthritis in my wrists after I retired. I went through many doctors, they recommended injections, tablets, ointments, but the mobility of the joints only worsened, and I thought that I would completely lose the ability to eat on my own. Learned about Traugel! This is a real miracle! In just a few months I forgot about the disease.
  • Patryk
    All the men in our family had joint diseases. The doctor recommended me to start prophylaxis early. I was advised by Traugel. He said that it is a new tool that has no analogues. I use the gel prophylactically twice a year and I am sure that I can prevent joint diseases.
  • Elżbieta
    I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis four years ago. I was treated with pills and ointments for a long time, but the relief was temporary, and the joints continued to collapse. I was advised by a new doctor and recommended that I try traugel gel treatment. After a month of treatment, the pains completely disappeared, the mobility of the joints increased.
  • Patrycja
    I do sports professionally, my joints are constantly exposed to increased stress. There were sharp pains in the shoulder joint and spine. A colleague was advised by Traugel. I was pain free in just a week and was able to go back to work. Traugel helped me a lot!
  • Izabela
    A month ago I sprained my leg climbing the stairs. According to the results of the study, the dislocation of the knee joint and the rupture of the tendon were confirmed. A friend recommended me Traugel, with the help of this tool I am walking again!
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